Legalization of the student’s stay in Poland

You can find out about the visa application procedure at the Polish consular office, which can be found on the e-Konsulat website. Candidates qualified for studies will receive an official written confirmation with information about the type of studies, commencement and duration of studies as well as the conditions under which the candidate will study.

When entering the territory of Poland, in addition to a passport and a visa, you should have:

  • Insurance;
  • Confirmation of funds for expenses ensuring a two-month stay;
  • Confirmation of admission to studies at the university;

Persons under 18 years of age traveling without parents or legal guardians – notarized parental consent to travel abroad.

Other information for people coming to Poland

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Student Dormitories offer more than 2500 places for WUST’s students in 4 locations in Wrocław. There are 9 dormitories altogether. WUST can provide accommodation for students in either double or triple rooms. There are rooms in different standards with access to common kitchen, bathroom, lecture hall and laundry.

The rooms are fully furnished (bed, table, chairs, bookshelves, wardrobe). Dormitories do not provide: bedding (only a blanket), towels, cleaning supplies, kitchen dishes and utensils. The prices for the rooms range approximately from 120 to 150 EUR.

To apply for university accommodation, you need to provide this information in the IRC system. Accommodation in one of the dormitories can only be confirmed by International Relationas Office after you inform us about your Visa meeting or arrival.

Some facilities you can find there, are as follows:

  • Rooms of studying
  • Multimedia rooms
  • Canteen
  • Guests’ rooms
  • Shops
  • Laundries
  • Payment by card
  • Student’s club
  • Safety
  • Low prices
  • Psychologists’ service

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For foreigners

Life in Wrocław

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Useful contacts

WroMigrant - Wrocław Centre for Social Development
(Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego)

Information points for migrants: legalisation of work and stay, granting of PESEL number, registering your residence in Wrocław, healthcare, consultations in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.

Dominikański 6, 50-159 Wrocław
tel: +48 71 77 24 950, +48 735 969 992, +48 538 579 555, +48 538 579 521;

Psychological consultations for migrants in Russian and Ukrainian are available at: +48 663222260; in English are available at: +48 724 220 820.

Foundation Ukraine (Fundacja Ukraina)

Assistance with legalisation of stay, legal consultations, information meetings, language courses, cultural events, trainings, consultations from Monday to Friday in English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian. Information support in infoCUKR

Ruska 46A/201, 50-079 Wrocław, Polska
Tel. +48 571 330 203

NOMADA - Association for Multicultural Society Integration
(Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Integracji Społeczeństwa Wielokulturowego)

Nomada Association provides free of charge counselling for migrants, i.e., in the field of documenting their stay in Poland, employment, health or family issues, and supports migrants who found themselves in a difficult situation, including those seeking international protection and those who experienced violence motivated by prejudice.

Counselling is available at the office or out of office in case you need to take an assistant with you to some other place to settle matters. The employees of Nomada Association can go with you to your visits at the doctor’s, offices, police stations, Border Guards or courts. They can also act as interpreters and cultural or language interpreters providing full anonymity to those who apply.

Paulińska 4/8 Wrocław, 50-247 Poland
tel. +48 71 307 03 35, +48 791 576 459 (10.00–17.00)

Proxy of President of Wrocław for Inhabitants of Ukrainian Descent

Olga Chrebor

Proxy of President of Wrocław for Inhabitants of Belarusian Descent

Tatsiana Andrushka

Social Advisor to the Mayor of Wroclaw for Tolerance and Counteracting Xenophobia

Bartłomiej Ciążyński