The intensive Polish language course prepares students for studies in Polish and lasts 1 semester. The program covers 900 hours of Polish language, 300 hours each semester, 20 hours a week, 5 times a week, 4 hours a day.

Students learn all the most important language skills: comprehension of written and spoken text, reading and speaking skills, as well as writing various types of text. Additional lectures and exercises on Polish history and culture are conducted in Polish.

Students of the intensive course also take part in additional subjects selected in accordance with the future field of study: mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, chemistry, geography, social studies, etc. – depending on the needs of the students.

Classes in specialised subjects for students at the advanced level begin already in the winter semester, and for students at the beginner level – in the summer semester. Major subjects are conducted in Polish.

The course ends with a written and oral exam in Polish and exams in all selected subjects. Courses at various levels of advancement ensure the achievement of the assumed learning outcomes in the field of communication in informal and official situations.

The course starting in October is dedicated to people at the A-1 level and ends with a certified language exam at the A-2/B-1 level, while the course starting in February is dedicated to people at the B-1 level and ends with a certified language exam at the B-2/C-1 level, enabling study in Poland. 

Each student will receive a certificate confirming knowledge of the Polish language.


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Register online in the IRC system: If you don’t have an account in IRC or JSOS system, make new account and go back to IRC system using login and password from JSOS. Apply for 1-semester Polish Language Course. Fill in all the required data, personal data as in your passport and upload formal photo 300*375 px. and scan of the declaration of allowing the under-age Candidate to go to Poland for the purpose of study made by Candidate’s parents/administrators (download from IRC system).


Pay application fee to the account provided in the IRC system and upload the confirmation to the system IRC. If you need proforma invoice, write an email to:


Upload in IRC system: secondary school certificate with mark sheets or degree certificate with transcript of records, mark if you need a place in dormitory and submit online application.


Wait for the assessment of your application and information whether you meet the conditions for admission to the course. If so, you will receive the Initial Letter of Acceptance and the Model Agreement for the Provision of Educational Services in the scope of conducting a preparatory Polish language course for foreigners. Read the documents and pay the course fee to the account provided in the Agreement, attach the confirmation to the IRC system, attach the signed scan of the Agreement to the system, and send the signed original of the Agreement in two copies to the address indicated in the Agreement. We will notify you of your group assignment when we receive the original Agreement. If you do not want to participate in the course, please use the “Resign or postpone application” button.


If you need the confirmation of accommodation, check once again if you provided us information in the IRC system. The tuition fee payment is required (if applicable).


After receiving the tuition fee on our account, we will issue Acceptance Letter / Invitation Letter. Next download the document from the IRC system, read it carefully and check deadlines. The original document can also be collected personally in the office of Division of Foreign Students Admission and Support or received by post.


Book visa appointment in Embassy/Consulate. The tuition fee payment is mostly required. Provide the arrival details to the IRC system.


After arrival to Wrocław but before the last day of registration on course, visit the International Relation Office, Division of Foreign Students Admission and Support, provide your passport/ID for inspection and registration on course.