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Our projects

See what we have managed to create

PWr Solar Boat Team

A boat that will fly
It is almost 6 metres long and 1.6 meters wide. It is equipped with nine photovoltaic panels with a total area of 6 square meters and a lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack that powers the 4.5kW drive motor. It will be able to reach a speed of 30 km/h. And ultimately, thanks to the so-called hydro-wings, i.e., special air foils installed under the hull, the boat will guarantee the effect of flight and reduction of hydrodynamic drag.

Most Slow down around

It is 6.5 km long and suspended at a height of 70 metres. It has separate zones for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. And, most importantly, it has a huge glass sphere in the middle - named by the authors "the zone of life".

With this project students of the Faculty of Architecture won the international competition "24H Architecture Competition".

Xors Moon Base

A green settlement on the surface of the moon - this is a project prepared by members of the Innspace team for the international competition "First Moon Base Design Contest". Their concept was placed 4th
The base would consist of four cylindrical modules, each with a separate laboratory and space for four astronauts.

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