Wrocław University of Technology is a university recognized within King Abdullah Scholarship Programme.
Students from Saudi Arabia interested to pursue studies at Wrocław University of Technology are requested to contact the Cultural Bureau of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Berlin.

Please check: www.de.mohe.gov.sa ,
e-mail: sacuof@de.mohe.gov.sa

King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program provides the means to best world universities to pursue studies that lead to degrees (bachelors, masters and doctorate) (…). Academic disciplines and scholarships are selected on the needs of government ministries, national corporations and the private sector. This selection aims to fulfill the requirements of work markets across the kingdom in regions, universities and industrial cities. The Program is commissioned with qualifying Saudi youth to take an active role in development in all fields in government and private sectors.

Source: www.mohe.gov.sa (assessed on 18/01/2014)