Ahmet Anil Pala, Turkey

1339411500653Before the results of my Erasmus application was announced, I hadn’t known much about WrUT. After learning I was going to join Erasmus Programme in WrUT, I was quite excited and worried about what was waiting for me there. But, after coming here, I met really warm and kind people, increadibly enjoyable Erasmus events,  friendly university staff and exceptionally lovely city with unequalled natural beauty. And, now I am leaving with unforgettable memories from Wrocław (also known as – Wroclove) I think WrUT is really good option for Erasmus Programme.


Juan Antonio Padilla Camacho, Spain

1339409470867I chose WUT because it is one of the most important and prestigious universities in Poland. It has a wide offer of courses available for students in English, especially extramural courses. The unique student atmosphere, teachers and classmates, always  willing to help, make the integration easier. All of them made my stay unforgettable.




Marie Aufort, France

1339409662873Since the beginning of my studies I knew I wanted to participate in the Erasmus Programme. I chose Poland because it is a country that I was curious to discover. The study programme here is very flexible, so I can really create my own curriculum that suits me to get the diploma. We can get accustomed to life here by contact with Polish students, in the dorms or during classes. I have spent 6 months here I do not regret it at all.



Amar Patil, India

1339409905635I decided to choose WUT due to the fact that it ranks among the top universities in Poland. Friendly atmosphere, favorable studying conditions make it an unusual place for academics. The Computer Science Department is like a family for me, both with all the supporting students and encouraging professors. When I first arrived here I was touched  by Polish people’s hospitality. All at the university stood on their head to help us settle down. The inhabitants are very  warm, friendly and ready to help. If the people make the city great, I think Wrocław is one of the best.


Sinan Güler, Turkey

1339410312680Why to chose Wrocław? I chose Wrocław University of Technology because WrUT is the best university in Poland up to many rankings. In the introduction day one of the professor told us that ‘‘Science is not only in books, you have to touch science to learn it.’’ In WrUT all students can touch science easily in laboratory courses. I am a Master student in WrUT, there are a lot of study options in English and you can also learn other languages like Polish, German. And the most important reason is WROCLOVE. The most beautiful city in Poland. Wrocław can not be explained, you have to live it.


Mihai Enăşel, Romania

1339411015916Before coming to Wrocław I already heard Wrocław University of Technology is well-known science centre in Central Europe. That’s why I decided to come here for Erasmus program. I was really surprised here how in the same time people can study so much and party a lot. I really love Wrocław, especially Old Town, even made a short movie about it. All I can say Wrocław University of Technology is good place to study.




Marina Khan, Sweden

1339411180066I can say  with confidence that Politechnika Wrocławska (Wrocław University of Technology) is the place to study. University has got its funny atmosphere and is full of nice people. At the same time this place is very serious about giving us a great education. And not to forget, the city is just wonderful.




Hesam Shahin, Iran

1339409311353Good friends, Friendly academic staffs, lovely people, beautiful city and cheap ‘Piwo’ [eng. beer], these are the first things everyone can expect to face when he or she is in Wrocław University of Technology. Wrocław is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland with tons of historical and memorial places to visit. My life during my study here is full of valuable achievements both in social and academic level. Being successful in life needs two factors of personal motivation and available facilities. If you are motivated person you can count on Politechnika Wrocławska, where you can rely on its facilities and equipped laboratories.


Michael Alexander, Ghana

1339409552516It is a well-known fact that a good job comes from a good educational background. That is why I made  decision to study at WUT, because I think it can help me to achieve this aim. Good studying facilities, supporting teaching staff and open-minded people create homelike conditions for studying. Wrocław is a nice place to be, in fact I am really loving every bit of it.




Bert Wallaert, Belgium

1339409766869Outstanding fame in Poland, good location, nice city and surroundings and well-equipped laboratories-these are the reasons of choosing WUT as my studying destination. I found some courses like Polish Language Course and Culture extremely helpful and absorbing. Not to mention the city itself. There are plenty interesting things to do. It’s really nice to live in such a city as a foreign student.




Fahad Alkurdi, Saudi Arabia

1339410209277I chose Wrocław University of Technology because it has very easy admission process. It offers a course at attractive tuition fee. This university is well recognized for my chosen course. Due to its reputation and quality education, many international students are currently studying here. To provide quality education, class size is usually small and faculty members are experts of their field. This university has adopted modern teaching method with latest facilities and most importantly, it is in Wrocław which is among the best places to live and surrounded by very friendly people.


Martina Bertani, Italy

1339410428394In my view every people should try the experience to study abroad because it is a great way to enrich own knowledge. I chose Wrocław University of Technology because it is one of best universities in Poland and also because my lecturer told me that it is an excellent idea to continue my studies at this university. Moreover, I really like Poland and I am amazed about polish culture, traditions and architecture and I would like to study them in depth!



Željka Herodek, Serbia

1339411078767Going abroad to study was always my wish, but where I didn’t really know. To be honest Wrocław University of Technology was random decision and it is beyond my expectations. Wrocław University of Technology helped me to reach higher level in education with lots of different people with different manners and habbits. But benefit af all is being able to learn every single moment something different in a multicultural enviroment.




Elena Dimitrova, Bulgaria

1339411267450I chose Wrocław University of Technology, because my colleague was here as Erasmus student and he really enjoyed his time here so I just followed his advises. Before coming here I already met some people from Wrocław in France and they told me about this beautiful city. Everything they said was true: I really like Wrocław as city full of students and student life. Wrocław has got its own dynamics with crowded streets and quite green parks. And I have to admit teachers from Wrocław University of Technology are really amazing tutors.