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Alumni reviews

Alumni reviews


currently in the UK, CEO & Founder at Jilden (Software House)

I remember quite vividly that after my first lecture in the department of Informatics, I knew I was going to be great! The academics here are experienced, have an in-depth knowledge of the field of Computer Science and whether it is your dream to pursue a career in academia or in the industry, undoubtedly studying at PWR’s department of Informatics is a step in the right direction. The quality of material taught here is definitely something to write home about.
My PhD studies is going smoothly here in England because of the fantastic foundation I’ve had at PWR. I definitely recommend this school and department to anyone who has a passion to succeed and also believes that the sky is the limit.


I graduated from Wrocław University of Technology in 2012. I have done my master study in Production Management. In my country it is very important to make Master degree in a foreign country. Most popular places are U.S.A and Europe. I decided to make my Master degree in Europe. To make decision I had to keep in mind the economical expanses ( flat rent, food, drink, flight tickets) and the social life ( clubs, out life, activities, museums ). So the smartest answer was Poland. Then I looked the rankings of Polish Technical Universities. The best answer was the Wrocław University of Technology. If you want to do your Master degree in Engineering and Science area you should decide to go for WrUT, because the all professors are expert in their areas. They all give their best to international students. My thesis professor found a factory to apply my thesis subject to real life.

After graduating from WrUT , I came back to my country to look for job. During job interviews, I noticed that graduating from WrUT was very important and companies were interested in my master study. I found job in my city immediately. My company exports machines to Poland.

Last but not least, to me Wrocław is the most fascinating city in Europe. It is also well located – by car, it is only 5 hours away from Berlin and 2 hours from Dresden.

WrUT gave me good education which helped me lot in my life and it will continue to help me.

Please keep in your mind (for Turkish student). WrUT has equivalence in Turkish Higher Education Institution (Y.O.K.). I applied for equivalence to Y.O.K. and I easily got it. With this equivalence I started my doctorate study in Turkey.

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