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Do all students get to use the students hostel? Is it mandatory?

Every international student can stay in a students dormitory – they should inform us while applying so that it can be booked in advance. Each student can tick the option “accommodation in a student hall of residence” on the application form. Living in a dormitory is not mandatory, a student can rent a room from a private landlord – but this they should do on their own.

How does a dormitory look? How many people stay in one room?

There are mostly double rooms in the dormitories. Bathrooms are shared by a few students. Single rooms are also available however they are in the first place for students with special needs or disabilities. There are kitchens with cookers on each floor.

Does the price for the dormitory include the cost of laundry, electricity, the Internet?

The price of the dormitory includes laundry, electricity, the Internet. There are washing machines and drying rooms. If you want to use Internet in the dormitory you should have your own PC/laptop. You can also use our computer laboratories with free Internet access in our campus open 24 hours a day 7 days a week – in this case you do not need your own computer.

Can I use the library? What is the cost?
  • The biggest collection of technical volumes in the region and one of the biggest in Poland
  • Access to over 200 distinctive databases
  • 900 000 volumes
  • More than 4 500 scientific journals
  • Index available online with a possibility of booking volumes
  • 24 h service – a digital library with e-books

The library is open 7 days a week. The student can borrow books on the basis of their student’s ID. To borrow the books or use e-library the student doesn’t pay. Only if they do not return the book on the agreed time they need to pay some penalty.

How much is a meal in the canteen? Do they serve vegetarian food?

The price of a meal in our canteen is ca. 2,50 EUR. Vegetarian meals may not be available every day in the canteen. There is an alternative: vegetarian bars Vega or Greenway situated within 20 minutes of walking distance from the university offering a wide choice of vegetarian dishes, including pure vegetarian ones; a lot of students (both international and Polish) cook themselves in the dormitories, all of which have kitchen facilities. Most dormitories also have cafeterias.

How do the international students spend their weekend and holidays?

We wouldn’t say that there is any difference in how Polish and international students spend their free time. Our city offers numerous sport facilities: fitness clubs, skating rings, swimming pools, golf courses, paragliding clubs, a horse-racing track and many more. Wrocław has many green areas. There are paths along the river and channels that attract cyclists and strollers. Wrocław is a little like Venice – we have over 100 bridges here. There are also plentiful cultural events: concerts, opera performances, theatre plays. A student can become a member of a student association, there are many to choose from including: sports, TV, radio, choir, photography.

When there is a holiday typical for our culture like Christmas – we organize a dinner for all the international students.

Can students work part time?

 Yes, no permit is required for students of regular (daily) studies. Many employers are interested in providing job opportunities for young engineers: twice a year our university organizes job fairs where employers present their offer to students: with over 135 employers exhibiting in the last edition.

What about the scholarship program?

Foreign students just like students from Poland can get a scholarship after their first year of study for good result.

What facilities do we have in the university for example gym, sports, computers etc?

You can do almost any sport you like. Our sports association offers 30 disciplines (e.g. swimming, skiing, volleyball, basketball tennis, chess, horse riding and many others). Computer laboratories are open for free to the students.

Do I need to take my laptop with me or does the university provide facilities in the university? What are the voltages in Wrocław?

The voltages are 230 V in Poland. If you want to use a computer in your room in the dormitory you should have your own PC or laptop. Another option are computer laboratories in the campus.

Is it mandatory for me to do one foreign language subject as a part of my degree? Can I learn Polish without paying for it?

Every international student at WUST can attend Polish language classes twice a week free of charge at our Polish Language Centre. This is not obligatory.

Is there a website which talks about living in Wrocław?

Following links can be usefull:

What are the temperatures in Poland?

There are four seasons with the following average (day +night) temperatures:

  • Spring (21 March- 22 June) 5 – 15 degrees Celsius
  • Summer (22 June – 23 September) over 20 degrees Celsius
  • Autumn (23 September – 22 December) 5-15 degrees Celsius
  • Winter (22 December – 21 March) below 5 degrees Celsius

During the day the temperature is usually much higher than during the night.

In summer from May until September the temperatures during the day are often around 30 degrees Celsius. In the winter they may go below zero. All dormitories, university buildings, public transportation, residential buildings and buildings of public use have central heating.

What clothes shall I wear? Need I dress formally or casually at the university?

Generally students wear casual clothes: man wear trousers (often jeans) and a T-shirt/shirt/sweatshirt/sweater – depending on the temperature. Women wear skirts or trousers with a top, sometimes dresses. When the temperature goes down in winter people wear jackets and coats.

Students wear more formal clothes during the end of semester exams. In case of men this can be a suit and a shirt with a tie in case of women a costume (trousers + jacket or skirt + jacket) and a blouse, or a blouse + trousers/shirt.

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